Tuesday, December 15, 2009

FT.com / Technology - Oracle pledge pushes Sun deal forward

I think the key theme is “face-saving”…

The commitments themselves include increased spending on MySQL research and development, the creation of customer and storage engine vendor advisory boards, and a promise to maintain the MySQL reference manual.

Oracle also made certain licence-related pledges – which will be incorporated into contractual arrangements with storage vendors who currently hold commercial licenses with Sun.

Several competition specialists not directly involved in the case described them as “face-saving”, and questioned why such pledges could not have been offered or negotiated many months ago.

But the commission said: “Oracle’s binding contractural undertakings to storage engine vendors regarding copyright non-assertion and the extension over a period of up to five years of the terms and conditions of existing commercial licences are significant new facts.”

FT.com / Technology - Oracle pledge pushes Sun deal forward

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