Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Customer Is Always Right: Jeff Bezos - washingtonpost.com

Fake Steve, in his day job, interviews Jeff Bezos 

LYONS: Have you been surprised by the Kindle's success?

BEZOS: Astonished. Two years ago, none of us expected what has happened so far. It is [our] No. 1 bestselling product. It's the No. 1 most-wished-for product as meas­ured by people putting it on their wish list. It's the No. 1 most-gifted item on Amazon. And I'm not just talking in electronics--that's true across all product categories. We've spent years working on our physical books business, and today, for titles that have a Kindle edition, Kindle book sales are 48 percent of the physical sales. That's up from 35 percent in May. The business is growing very quickly. This is not just a business for us. There is missionary zeal. We feel like Kindle is bigger than we are.


LYONS: So an Apple tablet would be a companion to the Kindle?

BEZOS: Absolutely. We've got Kindle for PC. And we're working on Kindle for the Mac. Our vision is that we want you to be able to read Kindle books wherever you want to read your Kindle books.

LYONS: Ultimately do you not even care about selling the physical Kindle itself?

BEZOS: No, we do care. Our goal with the Kindle device is separate from the Kindle bookstore. With the Kindle bookstore, wherever you want to read we're going to support you. And then for the Kindle device, we want that to be the world's best purpose-built reading device.

The Customer Is Always Right: Jeff Bezos - washingtonpost.com

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