Sunday, August 30, 2009

Life lessons: From one Gates to another -

A Bill Gates snapshot – via SeattlePI

Gates' passion for technology remains. About 10% of his time is dedicated to guiding Microsoft.

He's "particularly involved with (Internet) search," he says, noting that Microsoft's new Bing search engine "is doing pretty well. But Google's dominant, and we're a distant No. 2. That said, it's an area where the room for innovation is incredible, and the desire by advertisers and others to have more than one company pushing the state of the art is strong."

Like other tech visionaries, he's convinced that a new mobile gadget unifying "PC, phone and (a) reading device" is imminent and likely revolutionary, particularly for the publishing world.

"We've already got what we call Magic White Boards in Microsoft offices (sort of like CNN's anchor-manipulated, video-capable maps). Once that stuff is in every office, things will get exciting," Gates says. "We're working on software for it now. I think it's three or four years out."

Life lessons: From one Gates to another -

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