Tuesday, August 25, 2009

CenterStage - How EMC is Taking on Microsoft SharePoint

EMC tries to evolve eRoom-related concepts, with a new collaboration offering predicated on Documentum.  In the meantime, EMC is also a Microsoft award-winning SharePoint service provider.

The face of enterprise content management is taking many forms today. The need for knowledge workers to leverage an ECM's capabilities while at the same time leverage Web 2.0 tools for better collaboration, has led to a number of new Enterprise 2.0 solutions from ECM vendors.

EMC's Lance Shaw, Group Product Marketing Manager, Knowledge Worker Applications, says that CenterStage, an enterprise collaboration tool, is not meant to be a direct competitor to SharePoint. But looking at what it is and what it does, one can easily draw the comparison and see why a organization would implement it instead of SharePoint.

CenterStage - How EMC is Taking on Microsoft SharePoint

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