Saturday, August 29, 2009

Coupons You Don’t Clip, Sent to Your Cellphone -

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Mobile coupons — usually text messages with discount codes sent to a cellphone — are becoming the blue-light specials for the digital age, promoting last-minute clothing sales, two-for-one entrees and cheap tickets to the theater.

While some mobile coupons are sent directly from a retailer to a customer who has signed up for mobile updates, the other way for bargain-seekers to get up-to-the-minute deals is to subscribe to a mobile-coupon aggregator.

Coupons You Don’t Clip, Sent to Your Cellphone -


Sam Peter said...

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Frank said...

I think a big market is in promotions and offers from non-traditional businesses who are using craiglist etc. More angieslist and less grocery coupons.