Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Nota Bene : Do yellow sticky notes make you want to scream?

I’m using OneNote for a lot of information management scenarios these days – this post includes a brief video about one of the many handy OneNote features

So... is there a better way to manage all that unavoidably random information that we're forced to scribble down during the day?

You bet! Meet “Side Notes” — an often overlooked feature in OneNote that lets you take your traditional paper sticky notes to a whole new level. Side Notes are the electronic equivalent of those yellow sticky notes that you love, except that they offer all of the benefits of regular OneNote pages. You can edit, format, sort, organize, tag, consolidate, search, and annotate Side Notes, and you can turn anything that you randomly jot down on them into formatted lists or even real Outlook Tasks. By adding reminders to Outlook Tasks on your Side Notes, you'll never forget anything important.

Nota Bene : Do yellow sticky notes make you want to scream?

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Anonymous said...

When I first heard of Lotus Notes, I just assumed that it must have some sort of sticky notes equivalent feature. A few years later I entered it as a suggestion into a database at Iris. When the new bookmarks UI came out in R5, I talked to the developers about making bookmarks into full-fledged Notes documents that could be "stuck" to the objects that they point to, have customized forms, be edited by users to structured data and rich text, replied to, indexed, shared, etc. I remain moderately disappointed that Lotus has never taken the product in this direction.