Tuesday, January 20, 2009

John D. Head aka "Starfish": I wish Lotus would …

An interesting snapshot from Lotusphere; see the full post for more details

I asked how IBM Lotus was going compete with Sharepoint in 2009. Quickr and Connections are good products that will become great products in 2009. The problem is that they are not the platform or message that is Sharepoint. Sharepoint is something you can install in 30 minutes. It is a platform you can build your website on, use as a document store, make your content management system, run all of your workflow, and integrate with every server product on the Microsoft platform. There are thousands of web parts from partners available and web parts and lists are becoming defacto tools that END USERS can use. This is the beast Lotus has to go up against and win.

John D. Head aka "Starfish"

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