Wednesday, January 21, 2009

IBM 3Q08 Quarterly Earnings Report [software product summary]

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Revenues from the Software segment were $5.2 billion, an increase of 12 percent (8 percent, adjusting for currency) compared with the third quarter of 2007. Revenues from IBM's total middleware products, which primarily include WebSphere, Information Management, Tivoli, Lotus and Rational products, were $4.1 billion, up 12 percent versus the third quarter of 2007. Operating systems revenues of $594 million increased 5 percent compared with the prior-year quarter.

For the WebSphere family of software products, which facilitate customers' ability to manage a wide variety of business processes using open standards to interconnect applications, data and operating systems, revenues increased 4 percent. Revenues for Information Management software, which enables clients to leverage information on demand, increased 26 percent. Revenues from Tivoli software, infrastructure software that enables clients to centrally manage networks including security and storage capability, increased 2 percent, and revenues for Lotus software, which allows collaborating and messaging by clients in real-time communication and knowledge management, increased 10 percent year over year. Revenues from Rational software, integrated tools to improve the processes of software development, increased 23 percent compared with the year-ago quarter.

IBM 3Q08 Quarterly Earnings Report

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