Sunday, December 07, 2008

Windows on a Mac: Virtually Perfect - BusinessWeek

Virtualization mainstreams – see the full article for how it’s making the Mac viable for business domains.  Also watch for some interesting developments in this context when Windows 7 is released.

The implications of virtual machines may go beyond the traditional Mac-vs.-Windows competition. VMware and Parallels make versions that let you install Windows virtual machines on any Windows PC. It sounds illogical but makes some interesting things possible. You can run two completely separate systems on the same hardware—one for secure corporate use, the other loaded with personal programs the company doesn't want to support. Computers of the not-too-distant future may include virtual machines with dedicated jobs, such as a secure setup used only for online finance and another for Web browsing.

Complicated software and the limitations of earlier microprocessors restricted the use of virtualization. Now, with simpler software and much more powerful computers, the age of virtual machines has arrived.

Windows on a Mac: Virtually Perfect - BusinessWeek

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