Monday, December 29, 2008

H.P. Pushes Forward in Data Warehousing Project -

The Tandem legacy quietly continues…

H.P.’s approach to data warehousing is based on database technology originally developed by Tandem Computers, which H.P. had acquired in the 2002 Compaq merger. The Tandem technology, called NonStop, occupies a lofty position in computing lore, running some of the most reliable computer systems ever made, including many at the world’s financial exchanges.

But NonStop was untried for data warehousing applications when H.P. first decided to enter the business. To prove it would work, the company’s own data centers became the guinea pigs. After working on the project for months, H.P. assembled a unified database that 30,000 employees could turn to for instant information about every aspect of the company’s business.

H.P. Pushes Forward in Data Warehousing Project -

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