Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Dell’s MacBook Air Rival Confirmed by . . . Dell - Bits Blog -

An interesting case study in multi-channel content correlation, apparently – i.e., advertising and blog content combined for market insights.  Somehow I suspect this buzz generation was not an accident on Dell’s part.

On Tuesday, Dell spokesman Bob Kaufman confirmed that the Adamo blurb art was in fact a Dell ad. So, it’s Dell that has been talking about a product that will “rival the MacBook Air” all along. The UptownLife Web site just made things tricky by lumping blog posts and ads together without making any distinction between the two. (As the clarification notes, Dell is now only confirming the Adamo by Dell image and not the text discussing the rival to the MacBook Air.)

“We did this to wake up the personal computing category and create some buzz,” Mr. Kaufman said.

It’s expected that Dell will reveal its super-thin laptop at the Consumer Electronics trade show next month in Las Vegas. Then it will be up to Dell to live up to the buzz it has created.

Dell’s MacBook Air Rival Confirmed by . . . Dell - Bits Blog -

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