Thursday, December 18, 2008

IBM Lotus Notes versus Microsoft SharePoint: The rest of the story

FYI an excerpt from a SearchDomino article I wrote recently:

With continued growth in the IBM Lotus Notes install base and expanding deployments of Microsoft SharePoint, there has been renewed discussion about the competitive environment of IBM Lotus Notes/Domino versus Microsoft SharePoint -- especially in light of a recent Forrester report entitled: "Notes Versus SharePoint: Which Collaboration Platform Is Right For You?" While this comparison is a timely topic for many organizations, it's useful to expand the scope of the analysis (Figure 1).

interaction vs. time model

See the full article for more details.

The quadrant model builds on a framework I’ve been refining since the  early 1990s, when I joined the Notes team at Lotus.  I expanded it further when I worked for Groove Networks, and a later version of it appeared in some of the work I did as Research Director for Burton Group’s Collaboration and Content Strategies service, a few years ago.

The version above, from the SearchDomino article, highlights some important recent market dynamics, including features/capabilities such as tagging, syndication, and subscriptions evolving from specialized product categories into foundation-level platform services.

These are exciting times, at the intersection of communication, collaboration, and information architecture software product/service domains; it’s great to see the continuing evolution and innovation.

IBM Lotus Notes versus Microsoft SharePoint: The rest of the story

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