Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Windows 7 a Big Improvement over Vista

This is a good snapshot of the M3 pre-beta build,  but M3 is not the build by which to assess Windows 7 – the full beta build, with the new user experience/conceptual model changes -- will be available early next year.

The unveiling of Windows 7 at the Professional Developers Conference here Oct. 28 calls to mind the early debut of "Longhorn," the OS that would become Vista, at the 2003 iteration of Microsoft’s developer gathering. However, the similarities between the two product introductions don’t extend much beyond venue.

Where Longhorn was arguably overambitious (a contention borne out by Vista’s scheduling setbacks, feature scalebacks and eventual market push-back), the feature additions and enhancements in Windows 7 are modest and achievable.

Windows 7 a Big Improvement over Vista

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