Thursday, October 23, 2008

Steve Jobs’s Home Run With the iPhone - Bits Blog -

More fun iFacts

Apple said it sold 6.9 million iPhones in the first quarter in which it sold the new iPhone 3G model, more than it sold of the first model in a year. That represents average revenue of $652 per handset. Since the price of the phone in the United States is $199 to $299, it appears that carriers are kicking in well over $300 in subsidy per phone, a bit more than is typical with other handsets.


Here’s another stunner: Apple’s $4.6 billion in revenue from phones is more than its sales of computers. Analysts expected Apple to sell about $4 billion in Macintosh computers and $1.6 billion in iPods in the quarter. (By unit, Apple was a little light of estimates for computers and right on target for iPods. The analysts are still crunching their numbers to turn the unit count, which Apple discloses, into revenue estimates.)

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Steve Jobs’s Home Run With the iPhone - Bits Blog -

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