Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Gray Matter : Regarding the future of Open XML

In case anyone was wondering, after the recent speculative press in this context, an update from Microsoft's Gray Knowlton; see the full post for more details

As I troll the blogosphere and reporting on Open XML and ODF, I notice a question has surfaced regarding the future of Open XML that is probably worth addressing.

Many have asked or speculated that the recent announcement of ODF in Service Pack 2 is an indication that Microsoft is quietly stepping away from Open XML. Some ask… "Is Microsoft abandoning Open XML?"

In a word, no.

Microsoft will continue to support the development of the specification and the adoption of the Open XML formats, in addition to the other work we are driving around document formats in Office.

I hope this is as unambiguous and clear as it is intended to be.

Gray Matter : Regarding the future of Open XML

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