Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Gates' big send-off | CNET News.com

Excerpt from a Gates Q&A; see the full article for perspectives on a wide range of topics, including the Yahoo! non-deal:

There's a lot of interesting twists and turns. There was actually a point where we talked with Lotus about getting together with them, but it wasn't a good cultural fit there. It was actually (Lotus CEO Jim) Manzi who--I mean, it wouldn't necessarily have happened--but it was Manzi who ended the discussions.

There was one day that was rather funny. IBM didn't invite us to the introduction of the PC. We'd been invited, and then they decided not to invite us. Well, we had been working night and day. I had told people, yeah, we had this invitation that said, yeah, we're going to go, there's going to be a big deal, and then they decided, nah, we don't want you to come to the thing. That was a little bit of a downer. Now, who cares, but...

Gates' big send-off | CNET News.com

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