Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ed Brill: New white paper: Why Composite Applications in a Lotus Notes 8 environment

Summary of an extensive composite app overview doc from IBM Lotus.  Skimming the .pdf, I got the distinct impression that Notes 8 is implicitly competing as an operating system platform in many respects.  A useful reference, in any case.

The Notes product team has finished and just published a "cookbook" white paper entitled "Composite Applications in Notes: Benefits and Technical Overview".  This 70-page paper is being released to help define where Notes 8 will deliver new value:

The purpose of this document is to illustrate how your business can apply knowledge to accelerate business processes by building a bridge between your employees and the information that they need on a day to day basis using Composite Applications in IBM® Lotus Notes.
Composite applications integrate multiple applications together on the desktop to share and dynamically change information in real time as the end user works the business process. By optimizing the information for the task at hand and freeing the end users from distraction, precious seconds can be shaved off of time sensitive business processes.
Composite applications can bridge both information technology and line of business systems so that end users have the right information, at the right time. This enables your team to respond to changes in the information as they happen, to speed up response time and to increase their ability to adapt to external pressures placed on the business.
Leveraging the power of Lotus Notes, composite applications can provide your team with the ability to coordinate calendaring, project management and other activities so that scarce resources are used efficiently.

Ed Brill

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