Friday, June 20, 2008

Front-page: ODF won, says Microsoft

An interesting case study in information literacy; anybody who believes Microsoft is hedging its win bet on Open XML is not paying close attention

So Infoworld launched the story first and participants confirm us Microsoft has just another evangelist message:

"ODF has clearly won," said Stuart McKee, referring to Microsoft's recent announcement that it would begin natively supporting ODF in Office next year and join the technical committee overseeing the next version of the format.

I've checked in Internet, the Microsoft representative hold a position on the Washington Public Administration, before he was a Microsoft employee. Stuart McKee has hold an executive position on IT matters at the Government at Washington. 2003 at Washington Admin. coming from Microsoft. But at 2004 he resigned and joined back to Microsoft. This is important, because this means that he is a person with profiled authority to speak about public administrations.

Front-page: ODF won, says Microsoft

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