Tuesday, May 20, 2008

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Another XML guru -- Micah Dubinko -- joins Mark Logic, from Yahoo! Research, in this case (via xml.com)

You probably noticed the byline on my recent Yahoo! developer network posting. It, and a few more posts still in the pipe, list me as a “SearchMonkey Team Alumnus”. So yeah, it’s official, I’ve hung up my exclamation point and moved on to something else.

Specifically, Mark Logic, where a group of impressively talented people reside, recently including Norm Walsh. My first day there is tomorrow, so I don’t fully know what I’ll be working on, though it does involve the core server, and taking it from it current state of awesome raw bare-metal power into something more akin to a application development platform.

Micahpedia : Micah Dubinko | Blog Archive | Mark Logic

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