Saturday, May 24, 2008

Beyond Blogs (BusinessWeek cover story)

Somehow I got a jumped-the-shark (i.e., blogs have, at least in terms of the hype:reality index) sense from this article

So here goes. Three years ago, we wrote a big story—but missed a bigger one. We focused on blogs as a new form of printing press, one that turned Gutenberg's economics on its head, making everyone a potential publisher. This captured our attention, not least because this publishing revolution was already starting to rattle the skyscrapers in our media-heavy, Manhattan neighborhood. But despite the importance of blogs, only a minority of us participates. Chances are, you don't. According to a recent study from Forrester Research (FORR), only a quarter of the U.S. adult online population even bothers to read a blog once a month.

Beyond Blogs

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