Thursday, December 07, 2006 Microsoft's Zune Will Work With Consumer Vista At Launch

 Glad to see this

Microsoft Corp.'s (MSFT) Zune digital music device will work with the consumer brand of its Vista operating system when that version goes on sale Jan. 30.

That was always the plan, since Zune is a consumer device, Jason Reindorp, director of marketing for Zune, told Dow Jones Newswires. He added that there would be an automatic software update to enable use of Vista.

The failure to work with Vista has been cited as one of the major criticisms of the device since its launch on Nov. 14.

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My guess it that issuing a Vista release was never a question. Officially consumers can not buy / run Windows Vista yet, as it has not been made available.
Come January it will, as will the Vista compatible Zune software