Thursday, December 21, 2006

PC World calls PS3 a top tech mistake of 2006 | PS3 News |

Ouch...  See the full list (full list link) for more, and this snapshot for the PS3-specific assessment. 

PC World's Dan Tynan has released a new article titled "The 21 biggest technology mistakes of 2006." The number eight entry? The PlayStation 3.

Zune: #17

(Thanks, Andrew)

Source: PC World calls PS3 a top tech mistake of 2006 | PS3 News |


Anonymous said...

Peter it would nice if one of your HEADLINE posts covered the following reality "Is the PS3 really that expensive?"

In Canada..

Xbox 360 20GB is 500 dollars.
The wireless charger is 30 dollars - not included in box even though it comes with a wireless controller

360 basic game package is therefore 530 dollars plus 15 percent tax.

Xbox 360 On-line play is 250 dollars for 50 dollars per year for 5 years of the average console lifespan - if your into that kind of stuff. I'm not.

HD-DVD add-on is 200 dollars

360 Full Home entertainment price is therefore 980 plus 15 percent tax which means the Xbox 360 grand total equals... 1127 cnd dollars.

PS3 20GB is 550 dollars
Wireless charger is 0 dollars - included in the box
On-line play is 0 dollars for 5 years - included in the box.
Blu-Ray is 0 dollars - included in the box

550 plus 15 percent tax means the PS3 grand total equals...632 cnd dollars.

If you take away the extra cost HD-DVD and on-line items from the Xbox 360 they are pretty well the same price. However you still get the blu-ray, on-line, HDMI and a one-year warranty with the PS3. Just in case.

Aren't the facts (not opinions)what we are interested in here? Or not? Just asking.

Vista was #5 btw.

pbokelly said...

Facts are good. In my opinion, the PS3 is still going to fail to live up to expectations, however.

Anonymous said...

I think Sony and Microsoft may have found out that expensive boxen makes for silly mistakes. The wii, even WITH the lawsuit, will outsell both of these expensive paper weights hands down. Why? Have you played one yet?! If you did, you wouldn't ask why. I've had more fun with the Wii than I ever have with any other system...PS3 and 360 Included.