Monday, December 11, 2006

Palm Buys Back Its OS for $44 Million - Yahoo! News

PalmSource was acquired last year for ~$324M, and Palm made up ~50% of Palmsource's (renamed Access) revenue at that time; hmmm...

Palm is buying -- or rather, buying back -- what it used to own. This week, the Sunnyvale, California, firm announced that it purchased a perpetual license to the Palm Garnet operating system from Access Systems Americas. Garnet is used in all of Palm's current handhelds and smartphones, including its popular Treo line.

Palm will pay Access $44 million for the license, which lets Palm edit the source code in any way it likes and keep all rights to its edits and upgrades.

An error in the article: Garnet is not the only OS Palm uses at this time -- Windows Mobile is a popular option for many Treo customers.

Source: Palm Buys Back Its OS for $44 Million - Yahoo! News

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