Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows: Zunestory

A balanced Zune perspective from Paul Thurrott; read the full post for some insights. 

While it remains to be seen whether Microsoft can pull off such an impressive feat, I'm intrigued that they're even trying. Historically, Microsoft hasn't performed very well in markets in which a single strong competitor controls a dominant position. But Caulton has reassured me that Microsoft is in this market for the long run and the company has given a financial commitment to making the Zune a success. Apple's products are superior today, there's no doubt about it, and the slew of iPods and iPod accessories I've bought over the years testifies to how a superior product can sway even a diehard Windows guy like myself. I'm not ready to recommend the current Zune device to anyone per se, but I'll be tracking the Zune's improvements over the coming year. This could prove to be an interesting battle sometime in the future.

Source: Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows: Zunestory

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