Monday, July 24, 2006

Technology Review: The Internet Is Your Next Hard Drive

Technology Review: The Internet Is Your Next Hard Drive: "New Web-based services don't just store your data online -- they keep it synchronized across your laptop, desktop, and mobile phone."

I routinely use 3 PCs, and I currently use a mix of Groove and Notes to sync stuff. I used Novell iFolder for a while, but it stopped working on my primary PC for some mysterious reason, and apparently Novell considers Windows a secondary platform priority relative to SUSE these days, so it's no longer a practical option for me. I'll be exploring some of the services covered in this article soon -- and many of them are free. This domain is also expected to be central to the next wave of competition between Google and Microsoft. Cool...

I'll continue to use Groove and Notes (and a mix of other collaborative workspace-centric tools/services), of course, but these sync services are complementary.

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