Thursday, July 20, 2006

Boing Boing: AOL's "customer retention" dirty tricks manual

Boing Boing: AOL's "customer retention" dirty tricks manual "Consumerist has gotten hold of a copy of AOL's 'retention' manual for customer service reps. This is the manual that the notorious AOL rep was working from when he abused a customer who recorded and published his phone conversation. Link (via Waxy)"


Fras said...

I've just started switching ISPs in the UK. I'm currently with Nildram (part of the Pipex empire) and I'm switching to the much cheaper and potentially much faster Sky broadband offering.

When I contacted Nildram for a MAC code to ease the transfer, you can imagine the feeling I got when I was told to send an e-mail to How blatant is that?

Now they've answered, requesting my phone number so that we can discuss my request. Here we go...

devnull said...

Ok, Sky broadband is not going to compare to Nildram... lol... Much faster !? why do you think that? Nildram will offer the same speed with a REAL isp not some cheap crap with over loaded links. your latency will not be as good.