Thursday, July 27, 2006

AOL expected to scrap charges - Yahoo! News


Investors in Time Warner Inc., whose shares touched a two-year low in mid-July, are seeking signs of a turnaround on August 2, when the world's largest media company is set to introduce its fourth plan in five years to save its online unit AOL.

AOL is widely expected to announce that it will give its e-mail and Web services away for free, hoping to win back customers who had switched to other free services from rivals like Google Inc. and Yahoo Inc.

I still don't get it -- the first word that comes to mind, when I think of the AOL user experience, is "garish".  I'm sure there will be lots of at least temporarily more-happy current AOL users if the subscription fee is dropped, but I don't see why current non-users would want to switch, fee or no fee.

Source: AOL expected to scrap charges - Yahoo! News

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