Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Microsoft Strives to Help Make Internet Use Safer, More Family-Friendly

Microsoft Strives to Help Make Internet Use Safer, More Family-Friendly: "This customizable, dynamic safety service will help consumers better protect themselves and their families through content filtering for the Web, contact list management tools for communication services such as e-mail and instant messenger, and online/usage activity reports. It also will expand upon current parental control technologies by providing more options for families. For instance, one feature will warn users before they enter a site that has been deemed inappropriate and then logs the activity if the user chooses to proceed to the site ? a tool to help parents understand how their children may be using the Internet.
I should also mention that Windows Live Family Safety Settings will also work in concert with the family safety offerings built into the upcoming Windows Vista, which, when used together, will help provide families with valuable layers of protection through both Web- and PC-based safety settings. "

Brilliant PR to do this in conjunction with the American Academy of Pediatrics; read the full Q&A for a timely reality check.

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