Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Apple vs. That Other Apple

Apple vs. That Other Apple: "'Apple Computer can argue that its use of the trademark has nothing to do with music,' Bromberg says. 'They could say, 'This isn't our music. We're selling access to this service.' That's another argument for a low royalty.'
For the record company, a big settlement could be a way of getting its hands back on one of the crown jewels of The Beatles' legacy: the publishing rights to some 250 songs that are controlled by Sony/ATV, a joint venture between the singer Michael Jackson and Sony (SNE), his record company.
Jackson, you may remember, is in debt up to his eyeballs, and his 50% stake in the song catalogs controlled by Sony/ATV could be worth as much as $200 million. The singer's $270 million debt used to be held by Bank of America (BAC) but is now owed to New York-based Fortress Investment Group."

Who needs reality TV when we have the Apple Corps/Computer lawuit potentially leading to near-bankrupt Michael Jackson losing control of the Beatles portfolio?

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