Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Security Watch: Whom do you trust? - CNET reviews

Security Watch: Whom do you trust? - CNET reviews: "Microsoft and Symantec are not alone in planning online managed-security solutions. The pieces of the puzzle exist within other security giants, as well; Trend Micro, McAfee, and CA (formerly Computer Associates) have all purchased smaller security and PC-performance vendors in the last few years and could easily announce similar service plans at any time. As software moves away from boxed media distribution and becomes a strictly downloadable service option in the near future, the question becomes not whether online managed security makes sense for the home desktop user, but from whom? Whom do you trust?"

Timely overview of planned security-as-a-service offerings from Microsoft and Symantec. On "Whom do you trust?" Let's start with "Whom do you think is less likely to destabilize your Windows configuration?" and then get into the security-related feature/function comparisons...

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