Saturday, February 11, 2006

PBS | I, Cringely . February 9, 2006 - Stupid Net Tricks

PBS I, Cringely . February 9, 2006 - Stupid Net Tricks: "Why is nobody - NOBODY - mentioning Moore's Law in this discussion? The Internet is today 1,000 times the size it was in 1996, yet these discussions tend to view network growth as static. Can the Internet support HDTV or not? Comparing the bandwidth required for an HD signal with an SD signal and mapping that against historical and expected network growth, I'd say it is likely not to be a problem at all. Why is nobody mentioning this?
Congress is arguing about a problem that doesn't really exist.
All the telcos can really point to is Cisco and Lucent's ability to keep prices up on OC-192 line cards. China already sees that as a business opportunity, so I'd say that problem is well on the way to being solved no matter what Congress does.
All the backbone providers can say is that bandwidth prices have gone so low they can no longer operate at a profit.
So go out of business, then. And if you don't go out of business, explain to us why not."

More timely + insightful Cringely analysis; read the full post.


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I read your blog daily. Great selections.

You posted an entry a while back about an network/internet speed law.

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Thanks for running a great blog.

Keith Hart

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Hey Keith -- nice to hear from you; thanks for the feedback!