Tuesday, February 07, 2006


I've turned Blogger's comment capabilities on again, for a few reasons:
1. I'm eager to engage in constructive exchanges with readers -- my blog readership is growing, and I'm also curious to get a sense of who's out there...
2. Blogger has been enhanced with several features designed to reduce blog-spam -- see this page for details (and note that I've opted for moderated comments, which means I will be notified via email to approve/reject comments before they're posted).
3. I'm reading Naked Conversations and have been reminded blogging sans comments is suboptimal in many ways. (I'm enjoying the book so far, overall.)

[Update: haha, the comment feature wasn't working for this post, at least temporarily...]


Ulli Mueller said...

Hi Peter,

Just FYI, I am out here, reading. :-)

Take care,

pbokelly said...

Hey Ulli -- thanks for the comment; I was also able to click-through your comment to find your blog, which I'd not seen before; cool!