Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Web Informant #382, 18 August 2004: Blog THIS!

Web Informant #382, 18 August 2004: Blog THIS! "The increasing popularity of blogs has me worried. My first thought was that as more and more people document their lives, journalists may become mere curiosities: You mean you actually get PAID to write for a living? What an antique notion. Today, I realize that the more interesting issues concern how the trust between reader and author evolves with this new documentary form, and how that becomes subverted and perverted as the casual and anecdotal blogspeak takes over for real reported work and thoughtful analysis.
So where does this leave the average blogger? I think eventually the better ones will develop the same discrimination and skepticism skills that the better journalists have, just as a matter of self-preservation. And it doesn't hurt to be adept at network protocol analysis either so you can determine where your postings are actually coming from. I do think that readers will also become more discriminating, and perhaps less prolific as the blogosphere expands. In the meantime, keep reading, and keep documenting your world."

Very timely and insightful analysis.

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