Tuesday, August 17, 2004

ACM: Ubiquity - The World Wide Blog (Joichi Ito interview)

ACM: Ubiquity - The World Wide Blog (Joichi Ito interview) "Weblogs are, from a technological perspective, just content management systems that use a bunch of the technologies and standards that have been developed in the community — things such as style sheets and syndication formats, the ability to import and export entries between software packages, and the existence of a common API that allows you to write a client for all the different blog packages. It's really what the Internet is all about, and what the big companies are NOT all about.
One of the companies I work for is Technorati, and we index Weblogs. Some of the recent statistics will show that we're currently indexing three million blogs, and we only index blogs that send us messages to ask us to index them. Our statistics show that there is a new Web log created every 5.8 seconds and that the rate of increase is accelerating. We see about 275,000 individual new posts every day."

Very interesting interview.

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