Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Boston Globe: Stakes high for Windows upgrade

Boston Globe: Stakes high for Windows upgrade "The upgrade will activate a new security feature being built into computer microprocessors. Some worms and viruses install themselves in a part of the computer's memory that should not contain an executable program. Most computer chips will run the code anyway, but the Athlon 64 processors from Advanced Micro Devices have a feature that will block the illicit program and send a warning to the computer's user. However, current versions of Windows XP can't take advantage of this feature; adding the service pack will activate it.
Bahr Mahoney, division marketing manager at Advanced Micro Devices, said that if computers with Athlon 64 chips and the new service pack had been in use last year, they would have been immune to the Slammer and Blaster worms.
Advanced Micro Devices plans to add the antivirus feature to all its future processors; its chief rival, Intel Corp., is also adding antivirus features to its chips."

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