Monday, March 08, 2004 - Free Use of Linux Is Dealt a Setback - Free Use of Linux Is Dealt a Setback "Computer Associates International Inc. confirmed that it signed licenses from SCO Group Inc. to use Linux software, in a development that sent a ripple of worry through the coalition of companies and programmers attempting to uphold their legal right to use Linux for free.
Computer Associates' acknowledgment that it signed several licenses last year for Linux machines, indemnifying it against litigation from SCO, came as a surprise because CA has been an active member of an industry coalition supporting Linux. It is a founding member of the Open Source Development Labs, the home base of Linux developer Linus Torvalds. CA also has widely trumpeted its support for Linux, and evangelizes it to its customers.
The Islandia, N.Y., company, one of the biggest makers of corporate software, said that although it signed the licenses, it didn't pay for them -- and never would. It said it agreed to sign the licenses only to settle a lawsuit with the Canopy Group, one of SCO's major investors. SCO has been pressing Linux users to buy the licenses for $699 for each server using the software, or face legal action."

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