Friday, March 05, 2004

AT&T Wireless Sony Ericsson T68 Upgrade

AT&T Wireless Sony Ericsson T68 Upgrade Got my postcard from AT&T Wireless today, informing me that they're sending me a Sony Ericsson T226 to replace my current T68i. The "upgrade" program has been quite controversial, e.g., greatly annoying Ed Brill, who thinks AT&T Wireless (or Cingular, or whatever it is this week...) is being disingenuous by not clearly warning customers that the T226 doesn't have a bunch of useful features that many T68i users rely on, e.g., Bluetooth support (which I use with my spiffy Jabra FreeSpeak headset).

So I called AT&T Wireless; here's "... the rest of the story:"
1. The T226 simply works better as a phone -- better reception, broader coverage area, etc.
2. We don't have to return the T68i phones -- it's really a gift, not a trick.
3. They provide mailers etc. for people who do wish to dispose of their T68i phones.

So what's not to like? Now I'll have a spare, more effective phone for traveling, and I'll only need to swap the SIM card from one phone to the other to move my number, contacts, etc. I don't use the Jabra very often anymore anyway, since I switched to Vonage for my office line.

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