Tuesday, November 18, 2003

TheFeature :: The Triumph of Good Enough (Kevin Werbach)

TheFeature :: The Triumph of Good Enough (Kevin Werbach): "In the new world, the money will be in applications on the edge devices, hardware sales, and of all things, dumb connectivity. The first wireless operator to execute the Dell/Wal-Mart model -- being the efficient commodity provider, with a great brand -- will make a killing. (Partly because they will kill their competitors.) Not that this is an easy task. Legacy billing systems and legacy culture are huge hurdles to overcome, and the ideas of 'owning the customer' and 'delivering value-added services' are deeply embedded in operator DNA.
The hard truth is that devices are evolving faster than networks. Wide-area wireless connectivity will be just another function that a 'good enough' converged mobile device provides, albeit an important one. Put together a series of little things, and that's the inevitable result."

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