Wednesday, November 19, 2003

AT&T Wireless Jumps Into Data Arms Race

AT&T Wireless Jumps Into Data Arms Race: "Gearing up for the industry slugfest expected to break out next week, when cell phone users can begin switching wireless carriers without giving up their phone numbers, AT&T Wireless boasted Tuesday that it now offers the fastest national data service.
The first phase of next-generation cellular technologies, rolled out to customers last year, disappointed many users in terms of speed, offering downloads that rarely surpassed a telephone dial-up connection, which has a maximum capacity of 56 kbps.
As a result, many cell phone companies have embraced Wi-Fi to deliver faster wireless connections in at least some locations, such as cafes and airport terminals, that high-paying business customers frequent."

Disappointment is right -- both for performance (horrible) and cost (outrageously expensive data rates).

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