Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Jesse Ezell Blog: David Mendels replies

Jesse Ezell Blog: David Mendels replies: "David Mendels, who is with the Flex team posted some comments on Flex. I thought they were really good, so here they are:
'Jesse, your final point is right where we are. We are not trying to position Flex as a head-to-head competitor or substitute good for XAML/Longhorn by any means. We think the design centers of the two products, target use cases, target users today are sufficiently differentiated that both can thrive. Both are very cool products.
At a high level, both technologies are trying to enable what Macromedia has been calling Rich Internet Application--apps that combine the responsiveness/interactivity of desktop apps with the ease of distribution of Web apps. But (simplifying) we are extending from Web apps up; and I see MSFT focused on desktop apps back. Further, our focus is the 'reach web' where one can not ensure what platform (or what version of what platform) one's app will run on--Windows XP, 98, Longhorn--or Linux, Mac, PocketPC, Nokia. MSFT is driving to upgrade the worlds desktop Operating Systems and they are focused on Longhorn. That is valid, but it will take a long time and not meet everyone's needs.'"

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