Monday, October 27, 2003

Microsoft may preview 'next big breakthrough'

Microsoft may preview 'next big breakthrough' "During its Professional Developers Conference at the Los Angeles Convention Center this week, the Redmond company will give new information about its plans for Longhorn, including an early technical preview that software developers will be able to take home to get a sense for how the system will work.

Some of the general elements of Longhorn have been made public, including plans for 3-D-style graphics, unprecedented security and an advanced file system designed to make it easier to find all types of files on a computer's hard drive. PC-enthusiast Web sites have posted apparent Longhorn screen shots purported to have leaked from inside the company, providing glimpses of the way it might look.
But outsiders who have been following the operating system's development closely anticipate new levels of detail -- and possibly some major surprises -- at the Professional Developers Conference this week."

I'm at the PDC this week -- I was relatively lucky, as my flight was only 2.5 hours late, due to an unscheduled detour to Palm Springs because of the firestorms; I know of many others who had much longer detours.

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