Thursday, October 23, 2003

Apple's Latest 0.1 Adds a Lot

Apple's Latest 0.1 Adds a Lot "The reputation of the personal computer has taken a horrible hit this year. Viruses have made headlines week after week. Spam now exceeds 50 percent of all e-mail. Hackers and academics have uncovered one Windows security hole after another, turning Microsoft into a frantic little Dutch boy at the dike without enough fingers. If the computer industry were a celebrity, it would hire an image consultant.
Correction: The Windows computer industry would hire one. Macintosh fans, on the other hand, have watched the tribulations of the much larger Windows population with mixed feelings - sympathy, relief, even amusement - because their operating system, Mac OS X, is so far 100 percent virus-free. And because Mac OS X comes with less of its plumbing exposed to the Internet than Windows, hackers are a far more distant worry.
But to argue these points is to join a religious war with no hope of resolution. Wherever you stand in the Macs vs. Windows debate, this much is certain: In Panther, Apple has taken an already sparkling, super-stable operating system and made it faster, better equipped and more secure."

I take issue with this and the WSJ article below, as both implicitly compare Apple's latest stuff with multiple versions of Windows, as opposed to comparing the latest Apple stuff with the latest Windows stuff, but as always it's fascinating to see how well Apple has managed its press choreography.

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