Thursday, October 30, 2003

Cart 54, Where Are You? The Tracking System Knows

Cart 54, Where Are You? The Tracking System Knows "A typical indoor positioning system, or I.P.S., tracks people wearing badges or carrying devices that transmit wireless signals to receivers in ceilings or on walls. The receivers, connected to a local network, send the data to servers that calculate location and make the information available in various ways."
"Among the other developers of location technology is Wheels of Zeus, a company run by an Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak, that is working on portable hot spots that can be moved around to track people, pets and things. That system, which is expected to become available in 2004, can cover a range of one to two miles using radio frequency technology, the company says. Symbol Technologies and Cuesol have begun testing "shopping buddies'' mounted in shopping cart handles at three Stop & Shop stores in the Boston area, and mobile phone locators like mapAmobile in Britain enable users to pinpoint the location of a cellphone."

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