Thursday, October 23, 2003

Gartner Sees Tech Spending Accelerating Up to 2006

Gartner Sees Tech Spending Accelerating Up to 2006: "Technology spending is poised to return to solid growth in 2004 and beyond as companies shift from cost-cutting to focus on innovation that drives sales, a top computer consulting group said on Monday.
At its annual conference this week, Gartner Inc. is advising its base of 10,000 corporate and government clients to spend more in 2004 on wireless networks, Web services and technologies that help businesses grow, not just save costs.
'Gartner is telling you a big turn is coming,' Michael Fleisher, the consulting company's chairman and chief executive, said in a speech to some 6,000 corporate technology purchasing decision makers attending the Gartner Symposium conference in Orlando, Fla.
'2004 will be the year that companies make the turn from protecting profitability to driving growth,' Fleisher said. He said sweeping new technology changes will be at hand as spending accelerates modestly in 2005 and 2006.
'We believe that '06 will look as different when compared with '03 as '03 looks when compared with '99,' Fleisher said, referring to what he sees as a projected upturn and to the previous boom years."

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