Thursday, January 08, 2015

Predictions For 2015: There Will Be Blood [Valleywag]

Dan Lyons is back -- check the full post for his 2015 predictions

"But the main reason I'm running the photo is to make an actual serious point, which is that nobody in this industry ever has any idea what is going to work. Nobody. Not even these big-brained masters of the universe who are entrusted with billions of dollars. These are smart guys. The one on the left founded Netscape. The one on the right was an early investor in Google. The one in the middle was in a boy band, I think. Anyway, they're experts. They spend their whole lives trying to spot trends and pick winners, and they are paid ungodly amounts of money because they are considered the best in the world.

And yet, back in 2013, less than two years ago, these three experts really believed Glass was going to be huge. They were very passionate about it. They got into huge arguments over it.

Clearly those guys did not have a clue. And if they can't predict the future, then I sure as hell can't either. Nevertheless, making predictions for the year ahead is a thing one is supposed to do when one writes a tech blog, so here are mine for 2015."
Predictions For 2015: There Will Be Blood
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