Monday, July 02, 2012

Google Glass Team: 'Wearable Computing Will Be the Norm' | Gadget Lab |

Excerpt from a Google Glass team interview by Steven Levy
"Parviz: We have a pretty powerful processor and a lot of memory in the device. There’s quite a bit of storage on board, so you can store images and video on board, or you can just live stream it out. We have a see-through display, so it shows images and video if you like, and it’s all self-contained. It has a camera that can collect photographs or video. It has a touchpad so it can interact with the system, and it has gyroscope, accelerometers, and compasses for making the system aware in terms of location and direction. It has microphones for collecting sound, it has a small speaker for getting sound back to the person who’s wearing it, and it has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. And GPS.
This is the configuration that most likely will ship to the developers, but it’s not 100 percent sure that this is the configuration that will we ship to the broader consumer market.
Wired: How much does it weigh?
Lee: It’s comparable to a pair of sunglasses. You can stack three of these up and balance a scale with a smart phone."

Google Glass Team: 'Wearable Computing Will Be the Norm' | Gadget Lab |
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