Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Microsoft Kinect Lures Hackers - BusinessWeek

Post-90s hackers; tbd how Apple, with its ambitious Game Center strategy, will be treated by the hacker community

Some hackers can wreak havoc with gaming consoles and the systems connecting them, as Sony (SNE) learned after cyberattacks on the PlayStation network led to the theft of data on more than 100 million accounts. Hackers targeted Sony in April in retaliation for the company's effort to keep programmers from tinkering with its PlayStation 3. The incident may cost about 14 billion yen ($173 million). Nintendo, maker of the Wii gaming console, says it, too, was targeted in an online-data attack, although it lost no personal or company information.

Microsoft, by contrast, stands to benefit as developers such as Bell pave the way to wider use of its motion-sensing technology.

Microsoft Kinect Lures Hackers - BusinessWeek

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