Wednesday, June 15, 2011

GT | Newsroom - Taking Email Etiquette to the Next Level

You will be instrumented… (via ACM TechNews)

Once has access to a Gmail account, it periodically checks the user’s email load based on specific measurement parameters chosen by the user – unread messages in your inbox, total number of messages in your inbox, or how much mail you’ve recently sent. After an initial 12-hour analysis, determines the user’s email habits and what constitutes“light,” “normal” or “high” e-mail amount. It then updates the user’s status of email volume level every 10 minutes, which is reflected in an individualized link.

The primary way to distribute a link is through the user’s email signature. To see how busy a user is, an individual looking to send an email would just need to click on the link –but even this extra step may go away in future iterations. For employees or individuals with high daily levels of incoming email, this tool provides another level of email management. For marketers and others trying to get the attention of a particular email user, pinpoints the most opportune times to send an email, affording the best chance of cutting through the clutter and having an email read.

GT | Newsroom - Taking Email Etiquette to the Next Level

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