Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Google launches an online bookstore - The Boston Globe

It would be simpler to make a charitable donation to your local bookstore, if this aspect of Google eBooks seems appealing to you

Google’s e-book business also features partnerships with independent bookstores, which will sell book downloads through their own websites. Google will act as the wholesaler, supplying access to the e-books and giving independent retailers a cut of the purchase price. Across the United States, many independent booksellers have closed in recent years or are struggling as they face competition not only from major chains, but from downloads.

Hugobooks Inc., which has bookstores in Andover, Newburyport, and Marblehead, is one of the first bookstores to partner with Google.

“We’re excited because this gives us a way to get into the e-book game,’’ said general manager John Hugo. “We can finally tell our customers, ‘If you want to buy e-books, you can buy e-books from us.’ ’’

Google launches an online bookstore - The Boston Globe

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