Monday, December 06, 2010

Google Introduces E-Bookstore -

Oh, you mean sort of like I’ve already been doing with my Kindle and the Kindle client apps for Windows, iOS, and Android, but without useful features such as annotation and categorization?…  It’s also interesting that there’s a Nook client; perhaps there will soon be a Kindle client for the NookColor as well, as Barnes & Noble considers selling itself to Borders

Customers can set up an account for buying books, store them in a central online, password-protected library and read them on personal computers, tablets, smartphones and e-readers. A Web connection will not be necessary to read a book, however; users can use a dedicated app that can be downloaded to an iPad, iPhone or Android phone.

A typical user could begin reading an e-book on an iPad at home, continue reading the same book on an Android phone on the subway and then pick it up again on a Web browser at the office, with the book opening each time to the place where the user left off.

Google Introduces E-Bookstore -

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